A History of Wester Philosophy: Prejudice and Inequality

A History of Western
Philosophy Inequality Prejudice

A History of Western Philosophy: Prejudice and Inequality is a series of lectures that explore the ways in which inequality and prejudice have been part of the history and structure of Western thinking. The series suggests that the ‘Great Chain of Being’ is a key foundation for past and present inequalities and prejudices.

In all there will be about 35 lectures. From March 2022 the first eleven lectures will be available to view. The remaining lectures will be added in 2022-3.

We hope that anyone who takes up the challenge of following the series will find the effort that it requires is nevertheless rewarding, and perhaps can prove to be something of a Socratic educational experience.


And so, we reach an interesting problem.  There is the One and there are the many. There is Unity and there is difference. There is

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Kepler and Galileo

Law and mechanism in the cosmos We have reached an interesting moment in our journey to understand the origin and development of inequality and prejudice.

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Newton’s Mechanics

Mechanics is given its most definitive form by Isaac Newton (1643-1727). I. Bernard Cohen says that Newton ‘altered the whole structure of science’ (1985, 180).

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A History of Western Philosophy: Prejudice and Inequality

This series of lectures is an educational resource free to use under the conditions of the Creative Commons licence below. 

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The first 11 lectures of A History of Western Philosophy: Prejudice and Inequality were released in March 2022 with the first lecture being an introduction titled: A History Of Inequality And Prejudice – Lectures on the logic of Western mastery.