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What if Socrates were to return today, and insist again on asking uncomfortable questions?
Socrates On Trial picture by Dariusz Labuzek - Displayed for the book Socrates On Trial by Nigel Tubbs
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The Project

The project arose from the publication of the book Socrates On Trial in 2021. The book, written as a dialogue, offered a vision of what Socrates might ask if he were to return today and experience the modern city (society). It includes new dialogues, a new trial, a new cave and a new republic … and a new verdict on whether Socrates should live or die.

The wider project offers different resources that are related to this return. They include some reflections from the author about the book Socrates On Trial, a snapshot of the book in a short dialogue called The Return of Socrates, some New Socratic Dialogues on current issues, and manifestos for the Socratic vocation.

For those seeking a more comprehensive challenge, there is a lecture series exploring the way inequality and prejudice are ingrained in the history of Western philosophical thinking, and even in the idea of ‘logic’ that accompanies it.

Above all, the book and the project share the view that the examined life which Socrates initiated is in need of retrieval and renewal in today’s city.


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What if Socrates were to return today, and insist again on asking uncomfortable questions?

A New Statesman Book of the Year 2021

“an impassioned challenge to the stupidities of current educational practice from the UK’s best educational philosopher” – Rowan Williams

The Return of Socrates

Crisis of education?

What might it look like if Socrates returned to a modern city that is plagued by prejudice, privilege and populism? Might he judge that the

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Rejecting education

The ancient world did not draw a distinction between the educational life and work of self-critical social and political thought. But the city [polis], the

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Suppressing education

Since Plato established philosophical education at the core of the project for the just city, philosophy and education in universities have become separated. Try finding

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A History of Western Philosophy

The Great Chain of Being

We begin our exploration into the roots of Western prejudice with one of its most important carriers—The Great Chain of Being.  It is impossible to

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Aristotelian logic

One of the most important elements of our lectures in searching for the roots of prejudice and inequality in western thinking will be the shape

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Notes from the author of socrates on trial

New Socratic Dialogues

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